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I... have... so many questions.


I hate finding mistakes in movies... kind of ruins it, but can anyone explain the revolver that shot Charlie having 5 blanks still in the chamber when one was supposedly fired into his chest?.

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lol how in the hell would someone suspect on the french! the fucking french! are you serious? the chinese, russians well thats not bad but why the fuck does he bring up the french even the north koreans would be a better replacement than the fucking french..

The film is beautifully shot. Throughout a lot of the scenes i felt like i was looking at photographs. As far as the storyline goes, i'd say a mildly good one. It brings the viewer a little introspective thinking about walks of life here and there throughout the movie, but nothing too enlightning/emotional. People blew that part outta proportion here in the comment section, in my opinion....

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i love this kind of movie!! i hope there more

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'Columbus' is a near-masterpiece. No kidding! Written and Directed by Kogonada, 'Columbus' is a film that screams craft & skill. Its a small little film, made with passion & heart. And the actors, all of them -- are top-notch!
'Columbus' Synopsis: A Korean-born man finds himself stuck in Columbus, Indiana, where his architect father is in a coma. The man meets a young woman who wants to stay in Columbus with her mother, a recovering addict, instead of pursuing her own dreams.
'Columbus' is about human beings, its about us. And there is nothing harder than to tell a story about us, I believe. But, Kogonada achieves this feat with mega success. This story of souls wandering in Columbus, Indiana is a tribute to architecture & the ride called life, itself. Its a quietly devastating film, that asks you to feel. Kogonada's Screenplay is fabulous & so his is Direction. Cinematography & Editing compliment Kogonada's vision to great results.
Performance-Wise: John Cho, Haley Lu Richardson, Parker Posey, Rory Culkin, Michelle Forbes and Jim Dougherty, ALL, are tremendous. Haley Lu takes the lead, delivering a performance driven by heartache & shattered dreams. She has the potential to go places! John Cho is masterfully restrained & expresses grief, with subtlety. The irresistible Parker Posey continues her winning streak. And Roy Culkin adds a nice boyish charm to his earnest character.
On the whole, 'Columbus' comes out of nowhere & ends up taking a part out of you. How often do films do that nowadays?.

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MEDIAFIRE BITTORRENT columbus ohio mediafire bittorrent columbus day 2017 It's a powerful film that deserves to be seen, but I'm amazed that some people found it funny and heartwarming. That wasn't the mood when I saw it; the audience left in complete silence, looking shaken by what they had seen. Sensitive people will find some scenes difficult and disturbing to watch, as the doomed central characters head towards tragedy, seemingly unwilling and unable to change course..

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@BlackKat226 This is hardly the 7th installation in the series in fact it's the 4th since 2006. The game's always offer up a new concept and idea and are always a blast to play with friends. Also this is not a spin off series from Rayman, it's it's own series.. Just watched it. This was a really good movie. cheap insurance columbus ohio Watch the movie, listen to the music and find the peace of mind. Believe me.

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